The GADE project presented to young Austrians
4 October 2018
Athens trainers discover the GADE project
7 November 2018

The tools developed as part of the GADE project presented in Bastia

16 people, including public organizations, associative partners as well as activity and employment cooperatives, participated Tuesday, November 6 in the presentation by the teams of Petra Patrimonia of the tools developed within the framework of the European project GADE “Gamification to develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among young people “.

The GADE project is implemented by a consortium of 5 European organizations (FR, IT, EL, BG, AT) specialized in working with young people and / or entrepreneurship education / development. The consortium uses an innovative methodology, gamification, to promote initiative and entrepreneurship among young people aged 18 to 29, NEET. In all countries, young people aged between 18 and 29, assisted by the staff of partner organizations, are trained to:

develop their EIS (“sense of initiative and entrepreneurship”)
Test the material and methodology developed by the project in informal settings, as well as in schools, VET courses, universities.
Develop ludification learning activities and make them effective in improving EIS